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Being a woman can be a wonderful adventure...

... and it can also be a demanding and daunting task. Women are often the “rock” for their children, for aging parents, and often in their jobs and with their significant others. Women experience many changes in their lives that may require support. Frequently, we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we neglect our own needs. 


I can help...

Stressful times may include happy events such as birth or adoption or the marriage of one of your children. There are many areas of a woman’s life that can be more manageable with the support of someone who knows what it’s like. Together, in a safe place, we can work through these changes by exploring your strengths and resources to find solutions that work for you. 

Some of these may include:


  • Dealing with young children

  • Co-parenting issues

  • Living through your child’s teen years

  • Career issues

  • A change (or considering a change) in your significant relationship(s)

  • Going through a divorce or separation

  • Surviving an extra-marital affair

  • Decisions about elderly parents

  • Experiencing your first child going away to college

  • “Empty nest” issues as your last child leaves home

  • General unhappiness with your life


We’re told before takeoff on an airplane: “Secure your own oxygen mask before attempting to help others.” The same is true in the rest of your life. Go to my contact page and call or email me today. I will work with you to have a meaningful and satisfying life. You don’t need to go through this alone. 


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