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Winter Blues

The weather has clearly turned and winter is near.  Coats and sweaters make their way back into our daily wardrobe, the trees stand bare, and …… the malls are bustling.  As we move through this season many emotions may arise for us.  Holidays past – both joyous and melancholy – find their way back into our thoughts.  It is certainly a time of year when we need to take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally.  If you or someone you know is having difficulty during this season, you may want to gently encourage them to speak to a professional.  I can help.  I have years of experience helping people through difficult times in their lives.   I help people shift from where they are, to a more manageable and enjoyable place through supportive, productive counseling.  Please visit my website to learn more about ways that I can help you or someone you know.  Until then, here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy this season:


  • Stay connected with others.  Whether in person or on the phone, the human connection is critical to our well-being.

  • Practice daily affirmations.  Repeating a positive thought several times throughout the day can help remind us of the potential we have to live well.  (Ex: “I am a strong and optimistic person.”)

  • Do something kind for someone else.  It is well known that helping others brings a flood of good feelings for the helper as well as for the receiver. 

  • Keep active. Exercise releases those important endorphins that keep our brains triggering positive emotions for us.

  • Take care of your basic physical needs.  Eat well and get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep and poor nutrition are culprits in bringing on the blues.

  • Pamper yourself often. Treat yourself to a simple luxury – a bubble bath, a relaxing evening with a friend, your favorite upbeat movie.  You’re worth it and you deserve it.

  • Notice the beauty around you.  Keeping your focus on the lovely things in life focuses your attention on what you DO have.  The sunrise in the morning, children laughing, a flower blooming in the midst of the cold winter day – blessings we have that we sometimes overlook. 


I wish you well this winter season and again invite you to phone or email me should you or someone you know need some assistance through a difficult time.



   Debbie Bauer, LMFT


~easing life's journey~

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