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Teen years can be frustrating for both parents and teens.

These years can be an especially confusing and difficult time for teens – often becoming a lonely time as teens struggle with this crossroad in their lives.

Parents may feel like they are losing control over their teen and perhaps see their teen as “going wild” or pulling away from the family.

Teens frequently feel their parents are unfair, stifling them and setting too many restrictions on their life.

I can help...

Teen years are often contentious because it is a time of struggle to cross the bridge between childhood to adulthood. It’s very common for issues around body image, self-esteem, school, peers, and family to appear. The desire for independence and the pull to remain a kid can create conflicts that affect all areas of life.

Teens need someone they can trust – someone who understands where they are and can help them take the next step in their journey.  Parents need someone they can trust, too, someone who knows how to help them and their teen navigate this period successfully.  I have helped many teens find a comfortable place where they can spread their wings while maintaining a good relationship with their friends and family. 

Go to my contact page and call or email me today. 

You don't have to do this alone.

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